The Miami Heat management expects to acquire sharp shooting guard Joe Johnson. The Miami management is waiting for Johnson’s agent to clear and finalise the waivers, and then they can finalise the deal.

There is a lot of playoff contender who chased the services of Johnson, but the Miami Heat got a big shot on claiming Johnson’s services. According to the reports of Slam Online Magazine, Johnson will finish the clearing of waivers on Saturday at 5pm (Eastern Time) after negotiating a contract buyout with the Brooklyn Nets.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks were not yet out of the scenario. They are still pushing to acquire the talents of Johnson.

Based on a previous report, the Cavaliers’ star player LeBron James said last Friday that his team wants the talents of Johnson badly. “He knows we want him. If he decides to come [to Cleveland], it would be great, James said. But if not, we’ll continue to move on with what we have,” according to ESPN.

Once the deal is ready for both parties, it will be a great playoff run for the Miami Heat. Their rosters will have deep scoring weapons. In addition, Johnson will give great help to team by supporting the scoring output of Dwayne Wade.

According to the reports of CBS Sports, the 3-point percentage of Joe Johnson (37 percent) is better than the shooting fraction of Gerald Green, which is 31.6 percent. However, Green has contributed a great bench points to the Miami Heat roster but needs more consistency. Referring to the statistics of Johnson, he is a consistent scorer and defender, if he is playing with quality minutes.

Miami will be a threat in the Eastern Conference once Johnson landed in the south beach. Johnson can bring explosiveness and energy to the team that may lead them to the top.