Jimmy Carter’s cancer is gone, the former US president announced on Sunday, reported BBC.

“My most recent MRI brain scan did not reveal any signs of the original cancer spots nor any new ones. I will continue to receive regular three-week immunotherapy treatments of pembrolizumab,” Carter said in a statement.

The 91-year-old first announced the news during a Sunday school class in Plains, Georgia.

Pembrolizumab is one of the most exciting new drugs in cancer treatment today.

Mr Carter, a Georgia Democrat, who was president from 1977 to 1981 and won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, revealed his illness in August.

“Well, I always explain to the class where I’ve been the past couple of weeks,” he had told the class, as he opened his notes at the lectern. “I missed two lessons because toward the end of May (and) first of June it was found that I had cancer, so they removed part of my liver,” he had said. “But then we had another MRI and it showed I have four places in my brain.”

Last month, Mr Carter said he was responding well to treatment and there were no signs of further cancer growth.

Carter’s health announcement was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“He said he got a scan this week and the cancer was gone,” Jill Stuckey said by phone from Maranatha, where Carter was still in the midst of teaching to about 350 people, many of them visitors. “The church, everybody here, just erupted in applause.”

Even one of Carter’s closest friends had no idea the news that was coming — which only added to her sense of gratitude as the news filled the little church.

Carter’s grandson, James Carter, confirmed that a recent test showed his grandfather was cancer-free.

“There’s no cancer in his body at this point,” said James Carter. “He’s not going to stop doing the treatment, but at this point, there’s no cancer. It’s incredible news.”

“See?” he added. “I knew he wasn’t really human.”

Or as his friend, Williams, put it: “I never felt God was through using Jimmy Carter yet. He’s done what the doctors told him to do, and what an example that is for the rest of us.”