The “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon has been very prone to accidents of late but he surely didn’t expect to make another trip to the hospital so soon.

Back in July, Fallon tripped over a rug and almost broke his finger, and now, he is suffering from yet another injury.

According to CNN, Fallon was in Massachusetts receiving the Harvard Lampoon’s Elmer Award for all the uncontrollable laughter his humor has brought about. Post the award function, “Fallon was walking down the street with a bottle of Jaegermeister when some random girl kneeled down in front of him abruptly, causing him to once again trip,” notes

He was then rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital, where the doctors declared it was nothing to worry about.

Fallon checked out soon and returned to the party to ease his worried fans from all the confusion and stress.

“Jimmy went to the ground, and everybody asked if he was OK,” said one parade-goer. “He said he was fine,” quotes People.

One person in attendance, Ryan Schuster, posted a video on Instagram and Youtube showing Fallon, who was holding a bottle, taking the tumble.

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Fallon addressed the situation on social media Sunday, writing the injury was “nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.”

Nothing that a few band aids couldn't fix.

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After the event and all the other commotion, Jimmy was spotted at the Hong Kong Restaurant, a popular bar in the Harvard Square area. He was having a blast with several tux-clad Harvard students. In addition, he was waving at random people and clicking multiple selfies with his girl fans, notes People.

We surely believe that no amount of stressful moments can stop the funny guy from being absolutely quirky and cool.

We love the attitude Mr. Fallon!!