Jetstar JQ27 had to choose forced landing in Bali overnight after it took off from Sydney for Phuket on Wednesday. The airlines have confirmed that it had to opt for such option because of a group of passengers with rowdy attitude.

On the way to Phuket, a group of six passengers behaved disruptively and refused to adhere to the crew’s instructions. The behavior was so suspicious that the captain found it safe to opt for a forced landing in Bali. The authorities were unsure if any physical clash took place. As soon as the captain diverted the plane and landed it in Denpasar, the group members were handed over to the police.

As soon as the Indonesian police removed the six passengers from the plane, it took off to Thailand. The flight had to face a two-hour delay because of the inconvenience caused. The Indonesian police interrogated the suspected passengers, and they claimed that some of the group members were drunk.

A Jetstar spokeswoman said that the passengers thanked the crew members for diverting the plane in between and removing those six passengers from the flight. “We take safety and security seriously and we don’t tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on our flights,” she said as quoted by the ABC. “The other customers onboard supported the decision to offload the group in Bali and thanked the crew.”

When the airlines authorities were asked if they were drunk, they remained quiet. It is claimed that the group of passengers detained in Bali will be sent back to Australia on Thursday.

Flight tracker websites have shown that Jetstar JQ27 took off from Sydney at 3 pm on Wednesday and took around 11 hours to reach Thailand. The flight duration is usually eight or nine hours. The two-hour delay caused inconvenience to other passengers and the crew.