Jetstar flight JQ956 had to divert its route and make an unscheduled landing in Brisbane on Thursday afternoon as smoke filled the cabin.

The engineers are investigating the cause of the smoke that filled the cabin, leading to an unscheduled landing of the plane en route to Cairns from Sydney. Passengers on the flight covered their mouths to ensure safe breathing in the smoky environment. They had to remain in that surrounding for almost two hours when it was decided that the plane would land on Brisbane.

It is believed that it was some “technical issue” that made the Airbus A320 make a safe landing on Brisbane. The authorities said that the smoke came from the air conditioning surrounding the cabin. Many passengers continued their journey via a four-hour stopover.

A video footage from the plane while the Jetstar flight was on the air has been obtained, showing how the crew members assisted the passengers at the time of emergency. After they calmed the passengers, the crew tried to control the smoke surrounding the cabin.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Daily Mail that the technical issue in one of the engines led to the smoke. The spokesperson added that the plane diverted its route and landed in Brisbane for further investigation of the cause of the incident.

One of the passengers, Nick Trompf, confirmed that the smoke started surrounding the cabin 45 minutes after take-off. “The food cart sort of came up to the seat adjacent to me and smoke started to appear into the cabin,” he said as quoted by the ABC.

“The crew became fairly concerned and they immediately took the food trolley back to where it belongs and locked it away. The smoke was dense enough that it had a smell to it. It wasn’t like that air conditioning mist that you sometimes get in a plane.”