Jessica Jung is back and she’s ready to spread her wings and fly. The former member of South Korean female super group Girls Generation is marking her official debut as a solo artist with the release of her first single, Fly.

A little less than two years after she left Girls Generation, Jessica makes a grand comeback with her first solo EP titled With Love, J. The album contains six fresh tracks, four of which were penned by Jessica herself such as Fly and Love Me the Same.

Here’s the full With Love, J tracklist:

1. Fly (Feat. Fabolous)
2. Big Mini World
3. Falling Crazy In Love
4. Love Me The Same
5. Golden Sky
6. Dear Diary

Jessica, who was born and raised in California, will also release the English version of With Love, J on May 27.

Speaking to Billboard, Jessica Jung expresses her excitement over her new project. She reveals that the fans motivated her to work on the album and that it is her gift to them. For With Love, J, Jessica teamed up with American artists such as Fabolous and Kmack.

“At first, I was kind of scared because I never really worked with a lot of US producers or US artists. Usually in the past I just walked in, sang my parts and left,” Jessica shares. “But Kmack started asking me questions and it was all about creative direction. I was really surprised that I could have input and I can make the song the way I actually want it to come out.”

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The entirety of Jessica’s new material speaks about her own life experiences. It tells her story of never giving up and taking courage. Hope is the predominant theme of the album. The album is a showing that the singer is past her Girls Generation Jessica image.

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Fans are going all out with their support for Jessica and pre-orders of her album are already sold out. According to Korea Times, 60,000 pre-ordered copies of the album were immediately sold out. Consequently, Jessica is at the top of the charts for pre-sales. Her agency, Coridel Entertainment, announced that additional copies of the new Jessica Jung album are being produced.

Meanwhile, fans can also download With Love, J on iTunes. Those interested in purchasing a physical copy of the album may place their orders here.