With only hours away from Thanksgiving celebration, a lot of people have already started preparing their turkey treats and gingerbread cookies. Likewise, some celebrities and famous personalities have also revealed their plans for Thanksgiving. Will “American Hustle” co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner spend Thanksgiving together?

American actor Jeremy Renner posted his invitation to “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence for Thanksgiving dinner.

He said, “I’ll save a spot for you at the holiday dinner table…CUZ!” And there’s no particular movie or show that Renner’s talking about. They’re cousins in real life!

People Magazine mentioned that a research team from Ancestry looked into the family lineage of both stars. They found out that JLaw and Renner are fifth cousins, once removed (which means JLaw is a generation younger than Renner).

The research began when Ancestry decided to look into the family lineage of “Mockingjay” stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Both stars were reported to have “deep Kentucky roots.” But with no relation found between the two, the team decided to continue their research.

“Later, we were researching Jeremy Renner and noticed he had a Tague family line from Kentucky, which looked familiar. Once we realized Jennifer Lawrence had the same family in her tree, finding the relationship between the two was not only quick, it was really close,” Michelle Ercanbrack, a family historian at Ancestry said.

The “American Hustle” co-stars have a common ancestor named Robert Tague, a farmer from Kentucky.  Ercanbrack said that Tague is JLaw’s 5th great-grandfather and Renner’s 4th.

Moreover, Ercanbrack said that the connection of the two stars are also seen in their acting careers.

“The similarities between the two are striking: both have deep Kentucky roots, both are parts of wildly successful franchises, and both play family-oriented, freedom-fighting archers,” Ercanbrack added.

We guess that from now on, they won’t miss out on seeing each other at family reunions.