After his controversial win from Manny “The Pac-Man” Pacquiao, Jeff Horn says that he’s willing to take on the boxing legend again. Horn’s win was a controversial one for many, with some even claiming that Manny actually won the fight, which lead to Pacquiao filing a formal appeal and an independent investigation. In the end, Horn was still declared the winner and it seems like the young boxer is proud of that.

“Everyone keeps coming up with excuses for Manny but the truth is I beat him in the middle of the day,” Horn told CBS Sports. Despite the investigation, a number of critics still feel like the decision made was a wrong one, with the American commentators on ESPN being the loudest of them. Teddy Atlas and Stephen A. Smith – the aforementioned ESPN team – went as far as to call the victory a robbery, which didn’t go well with Horn, who felt like there’s a bias towards Pacquiao.

“It was a bit disappointing how those guys have commentated about the fight, but there’s nothing I can do about it or go back and change,” Horn said. “Hopefully they can be a bit more two-sided when it comes to a possible rematch. I don’t know [what they were watching]. Maybe they were just watching Pacquiao and not watching me. It’s not really something I sort of looked much into. I just kind of let them have their opinions.”

During an interview, Atlas even took it a step further by telling Horn he didn’t really win the fight, which surprised the winner. “I was just thinking, ‘Is this guy for real,'” Horn remembered. “I don’t know, it just came out of left field for him to say that but I wasn’t going to let him bring me down at that time.”

He had this to say about a possible rematch: “Obviously we are looking at the rematch if Pacquiao wants it but if not, I’ve made it open out there that I’d definitely like to take on Floyd Mayweather if he wants to come back and have a proper boxing match with someone. Then unifying the division obviously is another goal of mine.”