Jeff Horn vs Randall Bailey boxing match will finally happen this time.

Australian boxer and Olympian Jeff Horn is reportedly prepared to fight former world champion Randall Bailey. This is despite his recent throat surgery after a training accident.

The fight did not push through after Horn fractured his thyroid cartilage during training. The medical procedure introduced a centimeter of titanium plate into his throat.

The boxer, as reported by ABC News, said that Horn decided to undergo operation than to just ignore it because of the risk getting punched into his area of injury. If this happens, the boxer can possibly suffocate, which can lead to his death.

The boxer said that he had no idea that he had that kind of injury and when it happened to him.

Horn added that the surgery on his throat has gone well and that it has completely healed. He is confident that this issue will not give him a problem on fight night.

The welterweight boxer qualified for the London Olympics 2012 quarterfinals and is currently undefeated in his 14 professional fights.

The Jeff Horn vs Randall Bailey boxing match will happen next Wednesday at Brisbane Convention Centre. It is considered the toughest fight for Horn. The Olympian is scheduled to fight world champion Bailey with 46 wins to his name.

Bailey’s ten-year professional career earned him the name “The Knockout King” with a 74 percent knockout rate.

Horn said that it is a huge step for him to fight Bailey and is expecting the fight to be tough as Bailey promised to knock him out.

As for Bailey, he would not be targeting Horn’s throat as he has not seen anyone get down by getting punched in the throat.

Bailey started his career with 21 wins, which were all knockouts.

According to SMH, Horn also called “The Hornet,” is not intimidated and says he is confident. He is also undefeated and Bailey will not be the one to take his boxing career away from him.