It was quiet for a few months now. However on Friday night Japan’s Sakurajima volcano erupted beautiful orange molten lava and ash. Stunning visuals of the volcanic eruption show an orange burst near the summit with lightning-like flashes and grey smoke.

NY Daily reveals that yesterday’s eruption was average compared to Sakurajima’s past ones. The volcano is known to be more dramatic with its lava outbreaks. It has produced over a hundred eruptions per year over the last half century. Its last major eruption was in September.

Kazuhiro Ishihara, volcanologist from the Kyoto University explained that rocks emitted by the crater were expected to fall within the 2-kms (1.2-mile) zone (from the crater). “Smoke and ash rose 2 kms (1.2 miles) into the air. This was about half the height measured in 2013 in one of the mountain’s biggest explosions in recent years,” he said. “I don’t think there will be any serious impact from the explosion. But of course we must keep monitoring the volcanic activity,” he added

The Independent reports that though there are no known causalities, Japan Meteorological Agency has banned entry to the Sakurajima area. The agency has also expanded the existing no-go zone around the crater to a 1.2-mile radius. The agency is of the opinion that the latest explosion is a renewal of the eruptive period that had waned in September last year reveals

One of the reasons for this (banned entry) could also be a fact that Mt. Sakurajima is just 30 miles from the Sendai nuclear power station. Kyushu Electric Power runs the nuclear power station. The company has mentioned that Friday’s eruption has not affected the plant or its operations so far.

Experts believe that Japan lies above the “Ring of Fire.” It is an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin and has more than 100 volcanoes.