A Japanese couple has forced a teenage girl to eat poisoned goldfish. Notably, the woman, who is also the mother of the girl  along with her partner forced her daughter to eat 30 poisoned goldfishes.

The woman Yuko Ogata and her boyfriend, Takeshi Egami, at first poured detergent in the fish tank to kill the fishes, they then forced Ogata’s 16-year-old daughter to eat them one by one, reported The Japan Times. Both have been arrested and revealed that they abused the girl on a daily basis. No damage could be done to the daughter’s health.

Last year Ogata and Egami tied the daughter to a bed with rope. They punched her on her face and burnt her tongue. They were prosecuted for their action. This is their fifth arrest since last year in relation to harassing the girl.

According to Independent, Egami has denied that they have forced feed the girl with poisoned goldfish. However, the mother, Yuko Ogata has confessed the crime and said that they forced the girl to eat the goldfishes.

This child abuse report was followed by reports that a 23-year-old former nursing home worker had been arrested for killing 3 elderly people. He threw a male and two female residents who were in their 80s and 90s in 2014. Hayato Imai, the alleged murderer, said, “I did it to kill (him).”

According to police, Imai was on duty when all three of the elderly people died. Even so, he maintained his innocence until he got arrested.

According to the Health Ministry, Japan’s child protection centers handled a record of 89,000 cases of child abuse last March. There is also a surge in abuse against elderly people in the country. Tetsuro Tsuzaki, the head of the Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, stated that the number of children and elderly people abuse cases were “likely to continue increasing.” Experts are blaming the rise of these cases on increased poverty and isolation of some families.

Last year a mother microwaved her infant daughter in Sacramento, California. These incidents force us to think the changing scenario of crime which has even changed the equation between mother and her child.