Anezka may have succeeded in ensnaring Rafael, after successfully assuming Petra’s identity and stealing all that she had in the past season. Meanwhile, Rafael will unwittingly be moving on with Anezka, according to Jane the Virgin Season 3 spoilers.

Fans may remember in the finale of last season where Petra, whom everyone believed was Anezka, was found unconscious in the nursery. Her hair was also dyed by her evil twin who copied all her mannerism to pass herself off as Petra.

Now, according to the latest Jane the Virgin Season 3 spoilers from Ecumenical News, it looks like Anezka is not done yet even after sleeping with Rafael. All this obsession always end badly and Anezka has already shown that she’s not above harming anybody just to get what she wants.

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Jennie Snyder Urman previously teased Jane the Virgin Season 3 spoilers to Deadline where she revealed the goals of Anezka.

“First, she is going to try to convince Rafael to sign over the Marbella to her,” the showrunner said. “He has legal problems and she will argue the property will be ‘safer’ in her name.”

Next on her agenda is getting her mother out of prison, aside from her own personal motivations, which will be revealed in the coming episodes of Jane the Virgin Season 3.

Just when everybody thought that Jane would finally lose her virginity, Michael was shot at the end of the sophomore season. It’s not even clear if he’s coming back.

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Urman told The Wrap that there are two ways they’re going with regards to Michael’s fate: they could either amp up the tension by making his life critical, or they could just write that he pulled it through.

“They’ll have to watch to see which way we’ve taken it,” she said.

There’s no release date yet for Jane the Virgin Season 3, and the speculations place it towards the end of the year or for 2017. The series airs on CW and there should be plenty of spoilers in the coming weeks.