“Jane the Virgin” may be doing its most drastic change to the series come season 3.

Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) may have stayed true to her promise in preserving her virginity until marriage, but life is just good in delivering the most unexpected surprises. Central to the show’s theme is Jane bearing a child despite her virginity after being artificially inseminated.

From then on, her vow of no sex before marriage seemed to be a complicated and paradoxical scenario.

However, in just two seasons, “Jane the Virgin”, both the show and the character, have matured into a higher level. Season 2 teased multiple times that Jane was ready to lose her virginity.

It can be recalled that guest star Adam Rodriguez was crucial to Jane’s internal conflict on whether or not she should finally break her vow.

In a report by A.V. Club, Jane’s panic hindered her chance at losing her virginity because of panic. The second time, she blurted out crying because as the site has deduced, the real reason why she cannot be ready yet for sex is not because she’s waiting for a wedding to happen, but because she waiting for her first love–Michael.

Indeed, though Jane’s virginity remained intact towards the end of the season, fans were rewarded with Michael and Jane walking down the aisle and exchanging vows. However, as per Vulture‘s review, the finale ended with Michael’s fate uncertain. The site, however, clarifies that there is no dead body or funeral which hints that Michael is most likely alive.

Still, it cannot be dismissed that just like most shows, “Jane the Virgin” could go whichever the writers would want to take it. Hence, there is a major possibility that if Michael ends up dead, Jane my remain a widowed virgin or lose her virginity to another man.

Whatever the outcome may be, one thing is for sure: fans do not have to wait long for Jane’s big moment.

Entertainment Tonight quotes executive producer Jennie Urman Snyder in saying, “Yes, yes, yes — it’s happening! She’ll lose her virginity this year for sure.”

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