This week on Jane The Virgin Season 3 Chapter Fifty-One, Jane and Michael continue to deal with Catalina’s presence in their home. A trip to church jogs Rafael’s memory while Xiomara and Rogelio deal with their respective relationship issues.

Catalina continues to bring trouble.

Michael wants Jane to ask her cousin Catalina to leave because she’s already becoming quite a nuisance in their home. Jane works up the courage and Catalina appears to take the request quite well. Anyway, she says that she was about to leave because she is the chairperson of an art foundation in New York which is holding a gala event. 

Oddly, Jane does not find Catalina’s name in the list of the organization’s chairpersons or members. She gets even more suspicious when Catalina decides to stay in Miami when Rafael offers her a room at the Marbella.

Jane goes over the edge when she spots cash and jewels in Catalina’s bag. She gets caught snooping and is forced to grovel and apologize when Catalina explains how she’s an anonymous benefactor in the art foundation and that the money and jewels were meant to be sent to their underprivileged relatives in Venezuela.

Just when Jane thinks she’s made a big mistake by being suspicious of her cousin, a mysterious man shows up in Catalina’s doorstep. He asks why she ran off with his mother’s jewels. She seems to be able to charm him, but it raises new suspicions about where the money and jewels really came from.

Rafael makes a shocking discovery.

Meanwhile, Alba points out that Jane has not been to church in a long time. Jane feels guilty and decides to take Mateo to church despite Rafael and Michael’s protests. While there, Mateo kicks up a tantrum and Rafael unexpectedly remembers a childhood memory.

He remembers his mom taking him to a creepy church when he was young. Incidentally, Michael finds out that the bank account number that his mother left him is linked to a convent in Italy. It turns out, Elena had been sending the convent $10k a month since 1984.

After more digging, Michael finds a series of reports about numerous pieces of stolen art from the said convent. When Rafael sees the photos, he realizes that his father had been trading stolen art from the convent and many of the pieces are still in his storage space.

Luckily, the Mother Superior of the said Italian Convent, Sister Constantine, is now based in the St. Genevieve convent in Miami. Rafael and Jane pose as tourists and take a tour.

Rafael tries to snoop in her office but she catches him in the act. Instead of getting angry and calling the police. She says she’s been expecting him. She admits that when she was in Italy, she  had been stealing precious art and sending it to Emilio Solano in exchange for cash for the struggling convent.

All those years ago, Elena Solano discovered her secret and threatened to send her to jail. However, instead of sending the poor nun to prison, Elena offered a deal. Sister Constantine gives Rafael an envelope which she says would explain everything.

Rafael decides to turn himself in and tell the police everything about the stolen artwork. He had kept his father’s secret because he wanted to save his father’s legacy. Now he is overwhelmed by the web of lies and wants to come clean.

He makes the most shocking discovery after opening the contents of Sister Constantine’s envelope. It turns out that he’s not a Solano after all. The envelope contains his birth certificate. He was apparently born in Italy. Elena Solano lost her child in 1984, and it looks like Rafael was sent to her as a replacement. This was the deal that Elena made with Sister Constantine all those years ago.

Even with such a big break in the Sin Rostro/Mutter case, everyone involved is disappointed. Rafael is shocked to learn about his new family situation and Michael unfortunately fails his physical exam. This means that he can’t return to the force unless he’s willing to do a desk job.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Elsewhere, Xiomara tries to lie to Rogelio about he rekindled romance with Bruce. However, he can’t contain himself and he finally tells her that he saw them together. She tries to defend Bruce and tells Rogelio that he’s changed.

Rogelio pretends that he’s not affected and goes on a crazy round of dates arranged by a matchmaker. In the end, they are all disastrous but his matchmaker offers to become his baby mama. He agrees and they make some kind of odd arrangement to have a baby together.

Meanwhile, Jane is furious that Xiomara has gotten back together with Bruce. She is even more outraged when Xiomara admits that she knew Bruce was married the first time they were together. In other words, she was a willing mistress and was not really the victim she made Jane believe she was.

That’s it for Jane The Virgin Season 3 Chapter Fifty-One. Find out what happens next when the show returns next Monday at 9:00 P.M. ET on The CW.  

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