Britney Spears will be a special guest star in an all-new “Jane the Virgin” episode this Monday and everyone in the Marbella is super thrilled… except for one person.

Jaime Camil, who plays telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega and Jane’s biological father, revealed juicy details in an interview with TV Guide about the upcoming episode. Among the highlights in the episode, Camil teased the incorporation of a little music and the real reason for Rogelio’s hatred towards his nemesis.

On why Britney found her way to the Marbella, Camil shared that it may be related to Milos’ proposal to Petra in last week’s episode.

“Do you know how Milos proposed to Petra (Yael Grobglas) at the end of the episode? But instead of ‘Will you marry me?’ it was ‘You will marry me.’ So I believe Milos, because he’s very rich … hired Britney for the wedding,” shares Camil to TV Guide.

Although Camil did not elaborate more on why Britney and his character have a feud, the actor shares that the pop singer delivers a scene with very good “comedic timing”. He added that fans can expect the confrontation between Britney and Rogelio to be “funny” and “very dramatic” in a style that is true to Rogelio’s personality.

A bonus revelation is that the confrontation between the two won’t end well, leading to a restraining order to be imposed on Rogelio.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the all-new episode, ET Online released 2 clips that shows what to expect when Britney checks in at Marbella. One clip shows “Jane the Virgin” herself, Gina Rodriguez, embrace her fangirl self and even interact in a dance move showdown with the beloved pop star. The other clip shows Rogelio’s outrage regarding Britney’s arrival in town.

Catch the full episode of “Jane the Virgin” at 9 p.m, Monday, on The CW.