“Jane the Virgin” Season 2 finale is yet to be aired and it won’t happen until next month but the anticipation is running high as many are predicting that wedding is on the cards for Jane (Gina Rodriguez).

When questioned about Michael (Brett Dier) and Jane’s wedding, Ausiello of TV Line shared:

“I can confirm that the season finale, “Chapter Forty-Four,” will at the very least include a wedding rehearsal. And I know this because the show is looking for a middle-aged Latino actor to play the priest who is set to marry Jane and Michael. “Father Felipe,” according to the casting notice, “is irritated that Michael is running late for the rehearsal and wants to ensure everything goes right on the big day.””

He also left a question hanging suggesting that fans should actually ponder over why Michael is running late for the rehearsal. Also, if you are amongst those high number of fans eagerly wanting a Jane and Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) reconciliation, then all hope isn’t lost. As noted by Inquisitr, while the rehearsal may be taking place, it cannot be said with absolute certainty whether the actual wedding does happen.

With the word that the show is looking for another actor to take on the role of “Father Felipe,” a number of questions may be raised. Reportedly, “Father Felipe,” may not be the actual name of the new character. The alias could probably be given in an attempt to keep details under wrap. Many have also appreciated that Jane’s wedding dress has not been revealed. This keeps the anticipation for the D-day alive where fans feel like wedding guests, waiting to see the bride!

There are a couple of more episodes to go before the finale and until then the fans can keep coming back for updates, rumours and speculations about what shocks and surprises that “Jane the Virgin” is expected to bring.