A lot has happened during “Jane the Virgin” Season 2 Episode 20 and if you haven’t had the chance to catch up on all the drama yet, there are major spoilers ahead.

With Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) job being in jeopardy and Micheal (Brett Dier) being unsure about where he wants to take his career, Jane is concerned. Although, Micheal shares that he has taken up a job as chief of security for Rogelio (Jaime Camil) Jane worries about running a family on such a small income. But one of her major concerns on Episode 20 happens to be Anezka sabotaging her job as a TA and Petra being on the wrong side. This raises the question whether Anezka’s scheme could cause unrepairable damage to Jane and Petra’s relationship? The episode also saw Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) position being threatened, thanks to his scheming half-brother Derek, as noted by Entertainment Weekly.  The coming episode should reveals implications of Derek’s actions on the family.

What’s more interesting is that with Jane’s marriage around the corner, the question about our beloved character losing her virginity looms and what would that mean for the title of the show. In an interview with Deadline series executive Jennie Snyder Urman confirmed that Jane will indeed be losing her virginity when she gets married. But fans have a reason to believe it could happen sooner given that there are two handsome guys vying for her attention and that she has been tempted to go all the way on a couple of occasions. However, if Jane does finally end up giving her prized possession, there will be a change in the title of the series. The showrunner shared during the interview:

“When Jane gets married she’ll lose her virginity, at which point we’ll put a line through—it’ll say Jane the Virgin and you’ll see a line crossed through the Virgin. That’ll be our title going forward.”

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