The Jane The Virgin Season 3 premiere date is slowly coming around the corner. Fans of the show are still eagerly anticipating any news about the fate of Michael Cordero (Brett Dier). Will he live or die? The CW just released a trailer that gives hints on Michael’s condition.

In the Season 2 finale of Jane The Virgin, Michael finally married Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez). Unfortunately, things quickly went south during the honeymoon. Michael was shot by his former partner Susanna (Megan Ketch). She turned out to be Sin Rostro in disguise, and she’s been manipulating him for months. He finally discovered the truth, but she was always one step ahead of him. He ended up getting shot right after the wedding. More significantly, Susanna/Rose got to him before he can take Jane’s virginity.

Jane The Virgin Season 3 inevitably picks up immediately after the wedding night. The trailer released by The CW tries its best to keep things vague but intriguing. Michael is still alive and breathing, but he’s immobile in a hospital bed. “Will he be alright?” Jane asks the doctor. Things look grim as the doctor shakes her head and Jane’s face falls in despair.

Things are not looking good for Michael, but Gina Rodriguez has been sharing a lot of Instagram posts that indicate otherwise. She has shared several photos of a healthy-looking Brett Dier on set. However, Jane the Virgin is known for imaginary scenes and a lot of flashbacks, so seeing Dier on set does not confirm anything.

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With Michael incapacitated for the time being, could this be an opportunity for Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) to swoop in once again? Despite Jane’s marriage, he has maintained strong feelings for her. The love triangle has been a major plot point in the past two seasons. It remains to be seen if it will continue to be a factor in Season 3.

Jane The Virgin Season 3 premieres on Monday, Oct. 17, at 9:00 pm ET on The CW.