Fans of Jane the Virgin have some updates in store. Going by Jane the Virgin season 3 spoilers, it seems there is going to be a new person in Jane’s life. Will this new man replace Michael? Check out the details below.

In the season two finale, fans were elated as Jane Gloriana Villanueva and Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) ultimately tied the knot. However, the joy didn’t last long.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Michael suffered a gunshot from his partner Susanna (aka Sin Rostro aka Rose) at the wedding itself.  Hoping against hope, fans still expect that he survives the shot. The possibilities are lean unless he wore bulletproof attire. But on an occasion like wedding night, he wouldn’t have done that. Thus, the chances of his survival are less.

Still, fans got a glimmer of hope when recently on Instagram, Gina Rodriguez posted a picture with Dier on the set. We can’t celebrate assuming he will be back, since he could simply be visiting. Adding to ambiguity is the crew of Jane the Virgin keeping mum about Michael’s survival and return to the show in the third season.

It won’t be long before fans learn Michael’s fate, though, as new episodes are only around the corner.

As per  TV Line, Miles Gaston Villanueva joins Jane the Virgin season 3 playing the character named Sam. Will he replace Michael?

That remains to be seen. However, TV Line describes Sam as Jane’s old crush and he’s “intellectual and sexy”. As he makes his entry, may be his old ties with Jane will bring some new changes in her life. It could also put the limits of her relationship with Michael under test.

Will you love or hate this Sam person? Wait until October 17, when Jane the Virgin season 3 arrives.