The cast of Jane the Virgin Season 3 seems quite excited about the upcoming chapter. They recently handed out a few details about the premiere episode of the third season.

We have seen how Season 2 ended with Michael Cordero’s shooting. It left the fans pondering at a cliff-hanger ending. Now they are excited to know what’s next. The fate of Michael is yet to be seen. Is he going to survive? Or will he meet his last in Jane the Virgin Season 3 premiere?

In an interview with The CW Network, the cast of the satirical romantic comedy-drama shared their points of view on the issue. They spoke about what will happen to Michael. Although their statements were poles apart, each of them sounds convincing.

While most of them appeared to be satisfied with the storyline of the approaching season, actor Justin Baldoni from the show seemed unhappy with the script. He is disappointed with the flow of the story. According to Baldoni, the plot is not moving towards the right direction.

In his words:

“When I read that (script of Jane the Virgin season 3), I got a little sick to my stomach. I was like, ‘That is wrong!’”

Does his statement indicate Michael’s future? Can we take it as a positive hint? It can be presumed that Justin Baldoni is upset with Michael’s return.  Maybe the plot is moving towards his (Michael) survival.  So why is Baldoni unhappy? There is a simple logic to this.

Jane the Virgin: Rafael and Michael

Justin Baldoni’s Rafael Solano has been a pillar of the show. He is the 31-year-old owner of the Marbella Hotel.  Solano is also the biological father of Jane’s child. As the series progresses, he falls out of love with his wife and develops feelings for Jane.

On the other hand, Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) is Jane’s fiancé who is a detective. He dislikes Rafael because Jane and he (Rafael) are attracted to each other.  Michael is the head detective in the hunt for Sin Rostro, a high-profile drug dealer who seems to be based at the Marbella Hotel.

These two only see each other as rivals!

At the finale of Season 2, there was an unfortunate twist of fate. Michael suffered a gunshot from his partner Susanna (aka Sin Rostro aka Rose) at the wedding itself.  Hoping against hope, fans still expect that he survives the shot and returns in Jane the Virgin Season 3.

Watch the disturbing ending of Jane the Virgin Season 2 here:

The possibilities are lean, unless he wore a bulletproof attire. However, on an occasion like a wedding night, he wouldn’t have done that. Thus, the chances of his survival are slim. If Justin Baldoni’s statements are to be considered, it can be expected that the writers have some interesting approaches to bring Michael back to the plot.

How will Rafael react to Michael’s recovery? Wait until October 17 when Jane the Virgin Season 3 arrives at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.