Jane Villanueva finally got hitched to the love of her life. However, it looks like Jane will still be a virgin with the return of “Jane the Virgin” season 3.

The finale of season 2 showed Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) bittersweet wedding to Michael Cordero (Brett Dier). The marriage ended in misfortune when Susanna Barnett (Megan Ketch), his partner, turned out to be Sin Rostro in disguise and shot him during their wedding night. This could indicate that Jane will be widowed in the upcoming season. Naturally, she might not lose her virginity.

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Earlier in an interview with Deadline, Jennie Snyder Urman, executive producer of the show, gave details as to why Jane still held on to the “virgin” monicker in her name. “I never wanted Jane to lose her virginity in a season premiere or a season finale. I think that puts too much pressure on her virginity, and frankly, that’s never been what the show’s about,” Urman stated. Nevertheless, she also mentioned jokingly that by the end of season 3, Jane will no longer be a virgin.

Going by Urman’s statements, can one speculate that Michael won’t succumb to the fatal shot that he got in the season 2 finale? As per the executive producer, Michael’s fate won’t be exposed to the fans of the rom-com series in the early part of the upcoming season.

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 In season 3, there are other interesting things to be discovered by the viewers about Anezka’s plans for her twin sister Petra. Yael Grobglas’ characters stunned everyone when it was revealed that it wasn’t Anezka who was put in a coma. Instead, she and their mother Magda (Priscilla Barnes) teamed up to keep Petra unconscious, so she could have Rafael (Justin Baldoni) to herself and keep Magda out of prison. Revealing more about the duo’s intention involves money matters, too. Urman told TV Line, “Their endgame is, of course, money. Magda wants Anezka to get her a lawyer and get her out of jail and stand up for her mom. Ultimately, they’re opportunists. I would say money and the Marbella and freedom are their big goals.” She also stated that there is much more to explore in season 3.

What do you think would happen? Will Jane ever lose her virginity or become a virgin widow? Share your views here.