Former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara have pleaded guilty of murdering 20-year-old Jamie Gao during a drug deal.

On Wednesday, the NSW Supreme Court jury consisting of five women and seven men found Rogerson, 75, and McNamara, 57, guilty of Gao’s murder.  The court found that the men were involved in stealing the 2.75 kilograms of the drug ice, which the victim brought to the meeting held on May 20, 2014.

The detectives worked hard and successfully convinced Gao that there is something in store for him at unit 803 of a Padstow storage unit that can make him rich. This is what pushed the 20-year-old to get involve in a drug deal, which resulted in the loss of his life. Instead of giving him what they promised, the detectives rewarded the man with two bullets fired on his chest, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

One of Gao’s friend said that he was planning to drop out of university where he was pursuing his business studies. The court also heard that before his death, Gao expressed his wish to be a gangster.

Though both the detectives collectively participated in the murder, they continued to blame each other during the legal proceedings. Wayne Cai, one of the witnesses has known to Gao since early childhood.  He said that the victim looked restless for some time. “He didn’t want to work nine to five, ” Cai said.  He added that two of Gao’s other friends, Chun Lok Lam and Bing Jie Wang, have already been in jail over drug abuse convictions. Cai said that he never wanted Gao to choose the same path. “I didn’t want him  to end up where they would be,” he said.

According to the ABC, the court also heard Gao’s cousin Justin Gao, who mentioned about a tattoo on the victim’s back. He told the court that he asked Gao whether it belonged to some gang.  “No, it was just something I liked,” Gao replied to his cousin’s question.