Liberal MP for Adelaide Hills, Jamie Briggs is set to announce his resignation from the front bench, reported ABC.

According to theguardian, the federal minister for cities and the built environment, Jamie Briggs, has stepped down from the Turnbull government’s frontbench after a public servant made complaints about his behaviour on a night out in Hong Kong.

In announcing his retirement from the frontbench, Briggs said he believed the night out was a casual event but that his behaviour did not meet the “high standards” required from a minister.

“At the conclusion of the dinner (which I paid for personally) we went to a popular and as it transpired very crowded bar for drinks during which we interacted between the three of us and with others in what I believed, at the time, was an informal manner,” Mr Briggs says in the statement.

“At the conclusion of the evening, the public servant left to return home and my Chief of Staff and I returned to our hotel together.

“At no point was it my intention to act inappropriately and I’m obliged to note for the record that nothing illegal has been alleged or did in fact occur.”

Mr Briggs, a married father of three, said he had apologised directly to the public servant involved and would not name her to protect her privacy, at her request.

Briggs was promoted to the ministry when Malcolm Turnbull became prime minister in September. Under Tony Abbott, he had been assistant infrastructure minister. Mr Briggs won a by-election for the South Australian seat of Mayo in 2008 and was the assistant minister for infrastructure and regional development until September.

He also apologised to all members of the Government and to the wider community “for my actions which have given me cause to consider aspects of my behaviour which I will address”.

“I will be working hard in my electorate to ensure the re-election of the Government,” said Mr Briggs.

Mr Briggs told a media conference he had apologised to his ministerial staff, who would lose their jobs as a result of his behaviour.

“I have made an error of professional judgement and I am taking, I think, the appropriate course of action,” he said. “There was offence taken by this public servant after the event. They were raised with me and I have apologised to her,” he said.

Mr Briggs said he had spoken with Mr Turnbull and he had been told he did not meet his “expected standards of ministerial conduct”.

Briggs had been a senior adviser to the former prime minister John Howard.