The rough and tough super spy 007 may have one strange secret that may not please his fans.  James Bond, who is commonly seen as a big time womanizer, can be gay, claims British Consul General Martin Whalley. Here are more details about the British agent’s newly changed sexual orientation.

Speaking at a party to celebrate Pride at the downtown Virgin Hotel on Friday night in Chicago, Her majesty’s man General Martin Whalley bypassed awkward questions about the Brexit vote. He dealt with the situation tactfully instead. Addressing an elite crowd that included U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Whalley started to highlight how the UK has the best legal protections for the LGBT community of any country in Europe.

“In 2016 our secret service was named the nation’s most LGBT-friendly employer, so way to go, James Bond,” Whalley said. “Who’d have thought, eh, who’d have thought?” he added.

Chicago Tribune reports that General Whalley later admitted he’d not slept Thursday night as the results of the European Union referendum came in. The funny part is that he did not elaborate on how a Bond film in which a gay Bond struggles on a series of male conquests might go.

Martin Whalley’s statement has managed to ease down the traditionalists’ outrage upon the James Bond casting. Many fans were disappointed that current Bond, Daniel Craig, has blonde hair rather than brown. In fact, the potential casting of actor Idris Elba has raised a few eyebrows among fans.

However, sources like The Guardian praised Elba’s capability in holding the next super spy.

Somewhere in between all these controversies, there is a new hope for LGBT couples. Brian Johnson, CEO of the gay rights group Equality Illinois that hosted the party alongside the British government, showed gratitude to Whalley for the revelation.

“Inspiring me with the idea that James Bond could have been gay. That’ll stay with me for a while,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mark Kirk, the junior United States Senator from Illinois, is yet to share his opinion of a gay Bond. He is the second Republican senator to support gay marriage in 2013.

What is your take on this matter? Would you like to see your favorite James Bond as a gay lead?