The curiosity surrounding the James Bond franchise just keeps on increasing. Even though there are no confirmed reports, it is being said that the new movie will cast “Me Before You” star Emilia Clarke and The Revenant” actor Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. and Mrs. Bond.

“Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke is the second female contender for the role of James or Jane Bond. After the famous fan poster featuring Gillian Anderson, there is now a trailer showing Clarke as the famous agent and DiCaprio as the Bond man.

The trailer has been made by Rolling Stone magazine and is up on their social media. It comes on the heels of Clarke’s confession about being Jane Bond.

Clarke recently said that she would like to take on the role of Bond and would love DiCaprio to star alongside as his Bond leading man, states Daily Star. “I have a lot of unrealized dreams. I would love to play Jane Bond,” revealed Clarke. “My ultimate leading man would be Leonardo DiCaprio. No doubt about it,” she added. informs that the actress also announced that she has a crush on DiCaprio. However, she would date him, only if he stopped chasing supermodels. She added that her ideal man need not have six-pack abs. A super smart guy with a funny bone and a dad-bod will work perfectly well for the lady.

“Genuinely my ideal man is someone who, I know every woman says this but I mean this from the bottom of my heart, someone whose brain is as big as their funny bone,” said Clarke. “I want someone who is super smart, can make me laugh, has like a dad bod. I don’t need no six-pack. Like, I ain’t kicking it out of bed for sure, but every character I’ve been with has been too perfect,” she added.

According to The Mary Sue, a gender-swapped James Bond movie would be an interesting proposition. While fan posters featuring Anderson were already hit, a fan trailer uploaded by Hannah Campbell is even more interesting. While the search for #NextBond hots up even more, let’s hope we have a Jane Bond this time.