Daniel Craig has had a successful run as the suave Martini-sipping spy of Ian Fleming in four James Bond movies, starting with what is now considered to be the best James Bond film, “Casino Royale.” Following the dismal and drab “Spectre,” rumours of a reboot is in the air and names like Tom Hardy (“Mad Max: Fury Road”), Idris Elba (“Luther”), Damian Lewis (“Homeland”), Aidan Turner (“And Then There Were None”), Michael Fassbender (“Steve Jobs”), and Henry Cavill (“Man of Steel”). Now, Bond veteran Dame Judi Dench thinks Loki himself, actor Tom Hiddleston, is the right guy to chase scarred villains in sports cars and seduce women.

Well, Hiddleston has already done some of that as Jonathan Pine in BBC’s TV miniseries, “The Night Manager,” which just ended. He’s undoubtedly one of the most talented British actors available today with an ever-charming screen presence. As Daily Express rightly noticed, Hiddleston’s character in the show ordered a vodka martini in the final episode.

“It’s a really difficult role to take on and I feel Tom might be the one to do it,” according to Dame Judi who played M or Emma in several Bond movies, as she told Day & Night and quoted by Daily Express. “He was in Cranford [TV period drama in which they both starred] and I haven’t spoken to him since but he seems to have done really well,” reminded Dench.

The Belfast Telegraph also reports that Dench was asked by the BBC backstage at the recent Olivier Awards in London if she thinks Hiddleston will be the next James Bond. “I would have thought so,” she said, adding, “I was there for Pierce’s first day and Daniel’s first day – and you see the whites of their eyes. It’s a huge mantle to take on but you’re very well looked after.” Dench won her eighth Olivier award this past Sunday.

An insider told Mirror Online that Barbara Broccoli is impressed by Hiddleston’s performance in “The Night Manager.” “Barbara initially feared Tom was ‘too posh’ to play 007, but she’s been impressed. She wasn’t familiar with his whole catalogue, but she’s watched hours and hours of footage and her perception has totally changed,” the insider said. “Playing Pine was a wise move. He’s tapped in to a mainstream audience and shown his versatility,” the insider added.

As for Craig, his latest turn as 007 in “Spectre” didn’t excite audiences much but that is because of the cliché-ridden script and lack of originality and coherence and nothing to do with Craig’s performance. A hint of the actor’s Bond fatigue may be apparent in that film though. On being asked whether he was considering doing another Bond film, Craig said “Now? I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists.”

It remains to be seen which actor finally dons the tuxedo and drives another Aston Martin. Fellow British actor and Superman star Henry Cavill also recently said, “I would love to do it.” In any case, Hiddleston will undoubtedly be an interesting choice among all the top contenders.