The new James Bond movie, “Spectre,” received stellar reviews from most film critics.

As expected, several critics viewed Daniel Craig’s movie as specular and they gave the latest Bond movie five star ratings.

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian wrote: “Bond is back and Daniel Craig is back in a terrifically exciting, spectacular, almost operatically delirious 007 adventure — endorsing intelligence work as old-fashioned derring-do and incidentally taking a stoutly pro-Snowden line against the creepy voyeur surveillance that undermines the rights of a free individual.”

“The film’s color palette is so full of mouth-watering chocolates, coffees and creams that when the story moves to Rome, the city looks like a $300 million, fascist tiramisu,” the Telegraph review stated.

The Times described Craig’s portrayal as James Bond for the fourth time as “achingly cool, as sleek and powerful.”

Despite all the praises, there are also some that pointed out what is missing in the latest 007 instalment.

Variety wrote: “What’s missing is the unexpected emotional urgency of ‘Skyfall,’ as the film sustains its predecessor’s nostalgia kick with a less sentimental bent.”

“The final hour disappoints, with too many off-the-peg plot twists and too many characters conforming to type,” The Hollywood Reporter added.

Meanwhile, Craig shut down a TV reporter who asked him to pout during an interview.

Sarah Powell, a reporter for ITV’s “This Morning,” asked Craig to do the “Daniel Craig pout,” which the British actor gently declined to do. However, when Powell kept pushing, Craig told her: “I think you need to move on.”

The interview got a bit awkward from there on.

When Powell mentioned that Bond seems to be more modest in “Spectre,” referring to Craig’s showing less skin in the 2015 James Bond film.  “Has James Bond gone shy?” she asked.

“He’s going shy now,” the actor replied.

Craig earlier hinted that “Spectre” will be his last role playing 007, and would only reprise the role “for the money.”

“Spectre” will hit cinemas on Nov. 6.