Four jail guards have been suspended over alleged negligence when a female inmate on death row became pregnant in Vietnam. 42-year-old Nguyen Thi Hue, became pregnant with the help of a fellow inmate to escape the death penalty, investigators reported.

Hue paid a male inmate to bring her a plastic bag of semen and a syringe. She inseminated herself so that she could become pregnant. Apparently, she has done so to escape death sentence as under Vietnamese law pregnant women and those with children less than 3 years of age cannot be executed, reported The Telegraph.

Nguyen Thi Hue, was arrested in 2012 for drug trafficking. She was sentenced to death in 2014. The same year her appeal was rejected by the court.

Hue paid the male inmate $2,300 (AU$3243.32). Officials reported that the 27-year-old male inmate twice deposited his sperm in a plastic bag with a syringe according to their mutually agreed plan. Thus, she became pregnant and succeeded in turning her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment. She is due to give birth to the baby in about two months.

In 2007, a same kind of incident happened when two jail guards were imprisoned in Hoa Binh, as they allowed a female inmate from the death row to get pregnant with a male inmate, stated BBC.

Hue was one of the thirty drug traffickers who received death penalty in the communist country’s biggest ever narcotic case. In the same case, 59 people other people were handed sentences ranging from months up to lifetime imprisonment. The presiding judge Ngo Duc commented, “This was Vietnam’s largest ever trial in terms of defendants, the number of death penalties given out and the amount of heroin involved.”

“Because of the large number of defendants and the seriousness of the case, the trial was held at the prison,” he added.

Vietnam opted for lethal injections for execution in 2013. Before, execution was performed by firing squad.

Drug smuggling has become a pertinent problem across the world. Recently, Australian Federal Police arrested four individuals and seized drugs  estimated to be worth 75 million AUD smuggled from China.