Jacqui Lambie criticized Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Cory Bernardi during her appearance on ABC’s “Kitchen Cabinet” on Thursday evening.

The Tasmanian senator lambasted the conservative Liberal senator, describing him as someone who was “born with a silver spoon up his rear end” and an “a—hole.”

During the show, Lambie also called for the division of the parliamentary representation of Tasmania, saying that the senate seats should be halved to six from 12, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“How do you think I won my seat? We’re all related down here in Tasmania,” she joked, saying that she won her seat because of having an extended family, with her mother having 19 siblings.

The senator also shared a cutting assessment of the current prime minister, saying she’s been disappointed with his performance ever since he took over from Tony Abbott in September of last year.

Lambie says she can’t point out Turnbull’s problem, and suggests that he might be having problems within his own party.

“You know, it’s really hard when you see that these guys are put on strings, when they can’t actually be leaders. Cause leaders shouldn’t be put on strings, they should be leading,” she said, according to Nine News.

A former soldier who previously opened up about her battles with depression and addiction to painkillers as well as an attempt at suicide, Lambie also opened up about her time in the army.

The senator recalled the times when she had to stand up to men and take a swing at them if she could. “Once you do that once or twice, they won’t come near you,” she divulged.

Although no longer a part of the army, Lambie still has something to say whenever it’s involved with controversy.

Just four months ago, she launched a scathing attack against the top brass of the Australian defence force for covering up incidents of sexual assaults within the army.