Radio ace Jackie “O” Henderson was emotional while saying sorry to NRL’s Parramatta Eels skipper Kieran Foran for her “ugly” and “insensitive” comments made on the player’s paternity last Friday.

The radio host began the Kyle and Jackie O show by apologising for her comments. “We were talking about Kieran Foran from the Parramatta Eels … and I gave voice to a really ugly rumour and I just wanted to apologise for that,” she said. “It was stupid to say what I said and it was really insensitive … I feel really terrible, I really do. Despite what some people might think it’s not what I’m about in radio. I am very sorry for any harm that I’ve caused.”

The apology did not come instantly after the comment. It was Foran’s threat of launching a legal complaint against Sydney radio station KIIS FM that made the radio station and its presenter make an apology. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the voice of the radio host wavered as she made an apology to Foran and his ex-partner, Rebecca Pope. She said that while she commented on Foran’s paternity, she was indirectly questioning the paternity of the second child of his ex-partner.

McGirr Lawyers, the legal firm representing Foran’s case, began sending legal notices for an on-air apology from the radio station on the breakfast show to be broadcast on Friday. The firm threatened to push through with the lawsuit in case no apology was received until the mentioned date.

9News has obtained a letter drafted by the legal team of Foran. “Statements were made by Jackie O suggesting our client’s child was not his,” the letter read. “This statement gave imputations that the former partner of our client committed adultery during their relationship. That imputation is defamatory, completely false, untrue and lacking any merit. We are instructed to request that you submit a clear apology and retraction to Mr. Kieran Foran and Ms. Rebecca Pope.”