Here is a look at a typical day on the set of the Jackie Chan new movie, currently filming in Australia.

The martial arts superstar is busy Down Under. In addition to the Jackie Chan new movie, he also has several speaking engagements lined up. In fact, reports of his sightings in and around Sydney made headlines a few weeks back. Hence, sources hinted at possible spots where locals could find the actor while filming his latest sci-fi film Bleeding Steel.

Like every Jackie Chan movie, his stunts are highly anticipated as they highlight his Kung Fu and Wing Chun expertise. Then again, the action on set of his films can be quite alarming. The recent production of his movie with Pierce Brosnan, The Foreigner, caused quite a stir among Londoners.

This time around, no bombs blew up in Sydney. However, footage captured during filming of his new movie would certainly keep viewers on edge while watching. In contrast, no sign of fear appeared visible on the actor’s face. Hence, it must have been business as usual for the 62-year old atop the Sydney Opera House.

The actor himself revealed during the press conference of Bleeding Steel how much attention he devotes to his films, on camera and behind the scenes.

As expected, their action caught the attention of a passersby who stood in awe of the knife fight happening high above. This scene would hint at another action-packed film from the martial arts star.

Mashable recalled the last Jackie Chan movie filmed in Australia. The star shot Mr. Nice Guy back in 1997 with the city of Melbourne as its backdrop. The country is close to the heart of the actor as his family migrated to Canberra when he was six years old. He travels regularly to Australia to visit family who continue to live there.

Watch stunt from Jackie Chan new movie atop the Sydney Opera House.