“iZombie” Season 2 ended leaving fans wanting for more from the show. It is the adaptation of the popular comic series of the same name. With the confirmation of the show’s renewal,  people are now more eager to find out what’s next in Season 3. How will things move ahead for zombie-girl Liv (Rose McIver) and the gang? Will there be any scope for fixing Liv and Major’s beyond-repair lovelife on Season 3?

Here are some tip-offs.

In an interview with TVLine, the New Zealander actress revealed that no one would like to play the part of Liv’s love interest considering the ill fate attached to it. People have seen the kismet of her lovelife. Anyone who falls for the attractive zombie girl end up being dead, just like what happened to her lovers Lowell (Bradley James) and Drake (Greg Finley) in the past seasons.

Although the franchise has kept things under wraps, McIver dropped a few hints on what viewers can expect when “iZombie” returns. For one, she expressed her thrill over the fact Liv’s ex-fiancé, Major (Robert Buckley), will soon be a zombie like her.  This means we will be seeing a disgusting side of Major feasting over human brains and corpses.  In fact, the fans can expect him to absorb the personalities and characters of the people. Is the change indicating a new story? A zombie love story in which a zombie pair (Liv and Major) reunites and makes things work between them would be interesting.

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iZombie: Liv and Major

The 27-year-old didn’t shed light on Liv and Major’s relationship, but she did openly communicate how she was upset about her partner, Clive Babineaux’s (Malcolm Goodwin), broken relationship with long-time girlfriend Dale (Jessica Harmon).

One more point that McIver teased about was the new big female baddie in the zombie circle, Vivian (Andrea Savage). The character was introduced as a zombie leader during the last season finale.

Rose McIver defines Vivian as a “dodgy character,” but she’s still not sure whether or not the new villain is trustworthy. Ecumenical News learned since Liv is a zombie with no friend from her species, Vivian could be her first zombie ally.

To learn more, stay tuned to “iZombie” season 3 that is scheduled to return to The CW in early 2017.