In the upcoming two-hour season 2 finale of “iZombie” next week, Liv (Rose McIver) will help Major (Robert Buckley), her ex-fiancé, get out of the jail although she now knows that Major was the out who took out her boyfriend, Drake (Greg Finley).

“Liv has to help Major try to get brains and try to get him out of jail even though she has just learned that it was Major who took out her boyfriend Drake, and as far as she knows, murdered him,” executive producer Rob Thomas reveals in a clip, released lately previewing next week’s back-to-back instalments.

Apart from that, “Agent Carter” star Ken Marino will also emerge in the finale of “iZombie.” Thomas further reveals that Marino will be seen playing Major’s lawyer.

“Ken Marino is his lawyer hired for him by Max Rager who just wants to make sure he would not mention Max Rager in any of this,” Thomas states in the featurette.

Even though in the video, Thomas doesn’t reveal the name of the character Marino is playing, the synopsis for the first hour of the finale, titled “Dead Beat,” hints that Marino will play the role of Brant Stone, reports Design&Trend.

From the trailer, it looks like Major will be out of prison by the second hour of the season-ender. In accordance with the synopsis of the last episode of the season, titled “Salvation Army,” Liv, Major and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) work together on a mission and collide Vaughn Du Clark’s (Steven Weber) Super Max Rager party.

Check out the preview for the finale below:

During the show’s WonderCon panel last month, Thomas declared that the season 2 finale dwarfs last year’s season- ender.

“I just finished a cut of this finale, and last year’s finale when Major [Buckley] went into Meat Cute with a shotgun, we thought ‘This is as big as iZombie gets.’ But this year’s finale is a massive episode,” Thomas stated (via Comic Book Resources). “It answers things and sets up what will happen in season 3.”

“iZombie” season 2 finale event broadcasts on  Tuesday, April 12, at 8 p.m. on The CW channel.