After a recent investigation into Donald Trump’s treatment of women throughout his life, it has been revealed that Trump believes his daughter is hot.

It was reported that there has been a disturbing and alarming behavior on the GOP leader’s part.

But as of now the most unsettling matter that came into light is Donald Trump asking strangers if his then 16-year-old daughter Ivanka was hot, says The New York Times.

This upsetting piece of information came out recently. The situation took place when Trump supposedly asked Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee, Miss Universe at the time, what she thought about his daughter – Ivanka.

“Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” said Donald Trump.

Lee recalled him saying that. According to her, she was shocked to hear something like that.

She said that Ivanka was 16 at that time and the statement was just weird. The whole thing was really creepy.

The Republican frontrunner has always been inquiring and getting assurances from strangers — that the women in his life were beautiful.

In 1997, during the Miss Teen USA pageant, he was sitting in the audience as his teenage daughter, Ivanka, was helping to host the event from onstage. That is when he asked Lee.

It had been also reported that there has been a sort of misogyny and sexism that the presidential candidate had projected on a near daily basis while he was campaigning.

The real estate mogul had confessed that he used to hire women in his companies because he believed that men tend to be better than women. He said that he also believed that women work harder than men.

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According to him, women are pretty products whose objective is to hang on his arm and make him look better, says Politicus USA.

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Several observers have have also noted that during his campaign trail, Trump had criticised and made bigoted statements against women based on their bodies.