Italian navy on Tuesday rescued more than 700 migrants harbouring in six leaky boats off the coast in the sea between Tunisia and Sicily.

One of the navy ships Cigala Fulgosi reached across three boats, recovering 403 people and 4 dead bodies.

Another ship Bettica , stretched out to two vessels , saving 219 people. And the third one, the Scirocco, rescued 105 migrants from a rubber boat.

The nationality and origin of the migrants have not been confirmed yet.

Italy on Monday also called for shared funding to administer the migrant crisis and external border.

Last week, coastguards reported the arrival of 40 migrants who arrived in Sicily. They also recovered two dead bodies from the sea off Italy.

The European Union border agency, Fronted said that due to bad weather, the number of people coming to Greece was low last month. But the figure was nearly 40 times higher than in the previous January, according to report by Reuters.

Most of the migrants entering Greece came from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. While those who entered via Italy were Nigerians.

This year, more than 400 migrants were reported to have been drowned in the Mediterranean. Despite the bad weather conditions, migrants are still trying to cross Europe.  Europe is facing its biggest migrant crisis since World War II.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), this year around 1,10,000 people have been reported to flee Africa and war-torn areas in the Middle East; all entered either Greece or Italy.

Around 6,736 people reached Italy via Libya, compared to 7,257 who entered the country in 2015, according to the Italian interior ministry.

Last year, Italian navy reported saving more than 300 migrants in an overcrowded boat in the Mediterranean Sea north of Libya.  There were around 40 migrants found dead.

Commander Massimo Tozzi, from the the navy ship Cigala Fulgosi said that the migrants inhaled exhaust fumes and died of suffocation. The rescue team recovered dead bodies “lying in water, fuel and human excrement”, according to a report by Independent.