Back-to-back earthquakes in Myanmar and then in Italy have shaken lives completely, leading to several deaths and property damage.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) stated that Myanmar experienced an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 on Wednesday when people across the nation felt the shaking of buildings. The casualties were not reported immediately. However, Yangon, the biggest city of the country, experienced shaking of buildings, as reported by residents.

The earthquake hit 143 kilometers west of Meiktila City and was as deep as 84 kilometers. The effect of the quake was also observed by neighbor Bangladesh, which is located towards the west of Myanmar.

The Myanmar earthquake effect was still being studied when another quake of magnitude 6.2 hit Italy immediately after it on Wednesday. The death toll has risen rapidly after the disaster, reaching the countable limit of 159. However, the exact number of deaths and missing persons is still uncertain.  Among those affected are also those who came to spend their final summer holidays.

Among the worst hit was the town of Amatrice. “The town isn’t here anymore,” Amatrice’s mayor Sergio Pirozzi said. “I believe the toll will rise.”

The Italy earthquake effect has been much more disastrous than that of Myanmar where the impact was only felt. Rescue teams in Italy have used bulldozers and also their hands to find survivors. Rome residents also experienced the tremor followed by aftershocks. The Lazio sea along with LeMarche and Umbria on the coast of Adriatic were most affected.

The number of injuries reported was 368, which is still expected to rise. reported that the rescue teams saved several people’s lives.

Myanmar seemed to be the epicenter of the quake. This prompted the shaking of several parts of the earth’s surface, including Italy. Following the Italy strike, many Indian states also faced the tremor of magnitude 6.8. The cities included West Bengal, Assam and Bihar.