Authorities have obtained CCTV footage of the Istanbul airport attack. In the video, the faces of the suicide bombers can be seen.

In the footage, one of the attackers, who wore a black dress, is seen walking through the terminal with an assault rifle. Another footage shows a young man wearing jeans and a vest forwarding into the terminal.

The activities of the men before the bombs detonated have been captured by the camera. Now, the investigators were trying to find out the identity of the attackers and their motive behind the attack.

The suicide bombing at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport claimed the lives of around 50 people and injured several. According to Sky News, the attackers captured the busy airport, created panic and implemented their plans of detonating suicide bombs on Tuesday. Initially, three assailants open fired and then two of them went inside the airport and blew themselves up.

The Istanbul airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the world. The CIA confirmed the attack contained important signs that are used by Islamic State whenever it leads to any attack worldwide.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that the attackers began with shooting to escape security checks. The prime minister said that one of the attackers blew him at the departure hall, another in arrivals section while the third one outside the airport.

“Our thoughts on those responsible for the attack lean towards Islamic State,” he addressed a news conference.

Following the attack, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that the attack will make the nation’s battle against the ISIS more serious. According to CNN, he said that the government would not let the nation’s people down.

“This is not Islamic. Taking one person’s life means going straight to hell,” he said in his latest statement on Wednesday. “No terrorist organization will come between what we are.”

The latest video has been discovered that is said to have come from the IS militants following Istanbul airport incident. The video shows Las Vegas and San Francisco as the next targets of the extremists. As a result, the United States is planning and working on improving as well as increasing the security measures across the country to make sure they prevent citizens from other planned attacks of the ISIS.