While Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull criticized the United Nations over Israel, the nation’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Sydney on Wednesday. Netanyahu’s trip to Australia has come following huge protests throughout Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull has slammed the UN for favoring resolutions that he labeled as “one-sided.” He found that the resolutions adopted were critical of Israel. Turnbull has put his opinion about Israel in The Australian newspaper. He described the nation as a “miraculous” country that has escalated its position in the globe “despite invasion, conflict and an almost complete lack of natural resources.”

US President Donald Trump recently gave a negative response to the Israel-Palestine issue. He said that retention of peace was only possible through “one-state and not a two-state solution.” On the contrary, Turnbull in his opinion piece stated that Australia maintained its commitment to a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian matter.

The Aussie prime minister, however, added that the Federal government would not prefer joining the solution as it seemed to intend towards chastising Israel alone for the failure of the peace process. “Many view Israel exclusively through the lens of its conflict with the Palestinians,” Turnbull said. “They demand that the Government take the side of those in the international community who seek to chastise Israel — and it alone — for the continuing failure of the peace process.”

Meanwhile, Israeli prime minister has arrived in Australia after finishing his Singapore trip. In the four-day visit, the prime ministers of both the countries would discuss the establishment of new markets. In the opinion piece, Turnbull also referred to a speech of his Israel counterpart in 2015 where the latter mentioned about the 20 resolutions critical of Israel.

Netanyahu’s Australia tour has been a controversial issue for the nation seeing the relationship between the two nations. Several prominent Aussies from different professional spheres, including business niches and entertainers, have protested against the visit of the Israeli PM.

Turnbull Press Conference 

Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit Australia. He paid tribute to the “tremendous contribution” that Australia made to Israel in 1947.  “We feel we are in the friendliest country possible,” Netanyahu told Turnbull as they settled in at Admiralty House on Wednesday.

“We share your passion for innovation,” Turnbull is quoted as saying by 9News. “We talked about it back in 2004, remember, when neither of us were prime minister. So it’s good to be back together.”

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