The  headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America in Plainfield was vandalized last Sunday, a spokesperson from the group informed. They have complained about it to the local law enforcement and the FBI as hate crime. The surveillance cameras caught three of the vandals.

The culprit spray painted the brick wall of the office with racial epithets, reported WTTV TV Schedule. Noteworthy, religious services are also held in the headquarters. The Islamic Society of North America spokesperson said that the vandalism was discovered on Sunday, around 6:45 am. Although, there were people inside the building when the incident occurred, they did not see it when it was happening. However, a person saw the vandals driving away. The person failed to have a good look at the people and their vehicle.

Hazem Bata, Secretary General of the Islamic Society of North America, said, “Some of our footage from the surveillance camera caught three, what appears to be three young men, three boys committing vandalism. But we don’t know who they are.”

The members discovered the graffiti after the morning prayers on Sunday. The vandals made references to suicide bombing and Islamic State group. The Islamic Society of North America has denounced this act.

Bata expressed his concern about the act and he said that it made the members of the community very scared. He further stated, “that’s the real fear is that members of our community will change their lifestyle because of things like that.”

Faryal M. Khatri, a spokeswoman for ISNA informed that ISNA was planning to arrange a news conference on Monday to address the incident.

FBI released a statement which read, “The Indianapolis office of the FBI is aware of the incident in Plainfield, Indiana and are in regular contact with local authorities. If in the course of the investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal civil rights violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”

FBI said that violence against all major groups has decreased last year except violence against Muslims, stated Southern Poverty Law Center. Violence against Muslim, on the other hand, rose to 14 percent over the previous year. The rise is the obvious consequence of the Paris attack by Islamic States.

The Paris attack and the consequent hate crimes against Muslims are rampant. Last year, Prime Minister Tony Abbott  also said that demonising Islam generally or all Muslims could bring on the “clash of civilisations”.