Beware France! Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) has cruel eyes on you. They are planning a new series of attacks next month during Euro 2016.

In a committee meeting on May 10, Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s DGSI internal intelligence agency, said that the militant group is planning new waves of attack by placing bombs at crowded places.

“Clearly, France is the most threatened and we know that Daesh (Islamic State) is planning new attacks,” Calvar said.

ISIS was the sole perpetrator on November 13 Paris Attacks, which targeted a major stadium, a concert hall, restaurants and bars. It claimed 130 lives and injured hundreds.

Now, the remarks over new attacks indicate that serious threats loom over people gathering for Euro 2016 soccer championship; starting on June 10. It will be organised across 10 stadiums in France. It will be welcoming estimated 2.5 million people for 51 soccer matches among 24 teams.

“It’s in a position where it would try to hit as quickly as possible and as hard as possible,” Calvar said, according to Reuters.

” It is facing military difficulties on the ground and so will want to divert attention and avenge coalition air strikes,” he added.

After two fiery attacks in France and series of protests, France police has geared up it security surveillance.

Last week, a Manchester United match was cancelled after a fake bomb was found in the stands; causing the evacuation of 75,000 people out of the stadium. In March, as people would remember that a suspected radicalised French national tried to perpetrate a bomb attack; it was already in an advanced stage. He had links with militant network.

Calvar said that the militants were entering Europe through the Balkan route.

Now over the latest could-be attacks, the government said that security measures are all tight and assured the strong surveillance across the country, according to The Australian.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday said: “We will not drop our guard.”