A threat seems to surround the San Francisco and Las Vegas population after a new video shows the next ISIS target.

The Islamic State has released a new video that praised the courage and guts of Orlando shooting gunman Omar Mateen. Besides praising the shooter, the video also indicated areas of Las Vegas and San Franciso believed to be their next targets in the near future.

The San Francisco video featured a car driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. Along with the bridge, the footage has also captured important locations throughout the city including the financial district.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas part showed clips from the Vegas strip. The panning of the video back and forth has indicated the extremists will be targeting innocent lives once again. In addition to praising Mateen, the video captured appreciation of terrorists who participated in deadly Paris attacks.

According to First Post, the video is being considered as a taunt for those grieving for people they lost in Orlando shooting massacre. The video showed the militants were celebrating the attack and the pain of the sufferers left behind by the victims.

The video has been recovered following LGBT pride parade over the weekend.  The parade was conducted under tight security measures all across the city.  The reason behind the tight security was that the city was more likely to be attacked after the shooting that rocked Florida two weeks ago.

The reports have stated that the video was the second in a row after the massacre in which 49 people died and several were injured. The first one also praised the Orlando attack and was allegedly made by an American Islamic State fighter.

The Washington Times reported that the video footage ended with the scenes where US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande paid tribute to the Orlando massacre victims. The video had a message in it. “Arise, O Muslims and kill the unbelievers in their own homes.”

The reports have revealed the ISIS target video has been made by Islamic State militants in Mosul. Retired military member Scott Mann said that the video is a major cause of concern and hence the nation needs to be alert.

“They should be concerned because ISIS is not about just spewing things out, Al-Qaeda isn’t either, but when ISIS tells you they’re going to do something, they typically do it, they don’t mince words,” Mann, who now runs a non-profit counterterror, said.