The ISIS killer dubbed as the Bulldozer is captured by Syrians soldiers, claims a report.

An exclusive video featured the 280-pound ISIS member of the group’s “chopping committee,” topless and hand bound, lying on a truck. That was how he was paraded by Syrian troops as the crowd gathered to have a look at the giant extremist clicked pictures of him while he grimaced lying there. Some taunted him for his horrific tortures on innocent people. Later, he was taken away by Syrian Armed Forces, as reported by Mail Online.

The Bulldozer is infamous as one of the most feared butchers of ISIS following the beheading of dozens and amputation of young children. The oversized thug rose into the rank in ISIS because of his brutal punishment style.  Previously, he had been photographed in black robes and mask in 2014 with a five-foot long and 52 Kg brown machine gun.

In one of the pictures he was seen executing a 15-year-old boy for listening to western music, as per In another video, he was seen executing three Peshmerga soldiers in Iraq in the broad daylight, stated Express.

The real identity of the obese fanatic is not yet known as in all his appearances he was seen wearing a mask. But, some among international media have speculated that he is from Iran.

One of his victim, a 14-year-old boy Omar revealed how Bulldozer chopped off his hand and foot when he refused to join the terrorist group. He also said that he had “given up on life” after the incident.

Omar was captured fighting for a rebel group and tortured for  more than a month by the rebel group. He described how Bulldozer gathered other children to watch his amputation. He was able to capture the image of the man who amputated him.