ISIS is continuously creating havoc among people. This time its victims are innocent disabled children.

According to The Mirror, ISIS has issued a fatwa to kill disabled and children with Down’s syndrome. Mosul Eye, an Iraqi activist group, says that a Shar’ia Board authorized its member to exterminate new born babies with Down’s syndrome and disabled children. The group also confirms 38 cases where new born and disabled children are murdered by suffocating them or using lethal injections.

These exterminations are reportedly taking place in Syria and Masul where ISIS has a strong hold.

Masul Eye says that it had monitored the children with Down’s syndrome and congenital deformities and found that all these babies have come from “foreign fighters” who married Iraqi, Asian or Syrian women. It also found out in its investigation that the fatwa is issued by Abu Said Aljazrawi who is one of Islamic State’s Shar’ia judges. On its Facebook page, Masul Eye claims that any child with disability is at risk of being murdered by these brutal fighters.

The post referring to the video it uploaded in the page, says “as if it is not enough for ISIL to kill men, women and the elderly, and now, they kill children.”

Although the news has already created much wave, some still question the authenticity of the report and are comparing ISIS with Nazis who murdered 5,000 disabled children under their eugenics policies. Hitler’s “Aktion T4” program called for killing adults as well as babies with various disabilities.

In the beginning of this month, surprising footage of ISIS fighters throwing gays from building appeared which created a wave of terror among the viewers. Right Wing News says “ISIS is responsible for plenty of atrocities- but targeting newborns and disabilities is an entirely different level of evil. This plague needs to be wiped off of the planet”.