A father was shocked to see the ISIS propaganda video that featured young boys executing prisoners, as he found his son was also in the group of shooters.

The man said that his son was born out of his relationship with Sally Jones, who took their son to Syria where she brainwashed and radicalized him. According to reports, the United Nations declared Jones as one of the most wanted terrorists in the world following her flee to Syria with son Jojo, who was only 10 in 2013. The dad claimed that she took their son along only to make him join the ISIS group, and he believes that he changed his name to “Hamza” after marrying an ISIS radical.

Following the claims of the father who refused to be identified publicly, security agencies have taken relevant steps to find out if the claims made were true. Jones, 47, was a mother of two and Jojo was her younger kid. She was from Chatham, Kent. The reports suggested that despite not seeing him for three years now, the father was well convinced that one of the boys executing the captured Kurdish fighters in the video released on Friday was his son.

“He was brilliant, just a normal boy – always chasing bugs, going down the park. I have had to block it out. It’s been hard, we just have to carry on. It’s disgusting he’s been brainwashed,” the father said. He also added that they separated shortly after Jojo’s birth in 2004, He, according to The Daily Mail, claimed that after separation, the mother of their kids used to send him threatening messages, which mentioned her “awful” desires of taking their son to ISIS rallies and then leaving him among them forever.

The video showed the boy being called Abu Abdullah al-Britani. Al-Britani is an alias used for members coming from Britain. Other children as called in the ISIS video were from Tunisia, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Kurdistan.

The man, while describing his side of the story, also said that after separating from him, Jones married an Islamic radical before she fled to Syria with Jojo.