ISIS militants have shown no mercy as they destroyed the most historic church in Iraq, known for its iconic clock tower. The Latin church, known as the Clock Church, was located in the central Mosul. It could be seen from miles across the city.

An Iraqi Christian Community leader said that militants isolated the surrounding area and then looted the building before blowing it off. They took all the artefacts they found valuable.

However, the militant group has not explained their motive behind sabotaging the church, according to Fox News.

The church was constructed in 1873 for Iraqi Christians. Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III, fiscally supported the church, according to the historians.

Since the fall of the Mosul in June 2014, ISIS has strengthened its terror hold across many regions in the city. The group incited a conflict against the Iraqi army. During the take on Mosul, despite having 30,000 troops, Iraqi army could not stand tall in front of the 1500 militants. After six days, the militant had control over the city including Mosul International Airport.

The conflict displaced around 500,000 civilians.

There were around 45 churches in the city, but most of them now have been destroyed by the militants; some were turned into jail houses and courts.

In a report by Breitbart, the Chaldean Patriarchate has condemned the attack and called it “unreligious and unpardonable sin against God”.

The church authority has asked people to condemn such attacks where militants are destroying humankind and its creation. It also urged international religious authorities to safeguard the lives of people, to end conflicts and war and called for building peace in Iraq.

“The bells of that clock chimed in our youth when Mosul was a city where you lived in peace,” said Sister Luigina Sako, superior of the house in Rome of the Chaldean Sisters of the Daughters of Mary.