An Australian youth from Perth was stopped from entering India and sent back to Australia over suspects that he was a strong supporter of the notorious extremist group, the Islamic State. Indian officials found extremist propaganda and literature on the youth’s laptop and regarded him to be too dangerous.

Officials have also reportedly found images of the man, identified as Ahmad Fahim Bin Hamad Awang, posing bare-chested with an assault rifle and a pistol on his lap. Following a tip-off, the man was held by officials from an Indian central agency for questioning on Thursday after he arrived on at the Indira Gandhi International Airport from Perth.

“When he was questioned about the purpose of his visit to India, Awang said he had to attend a meeting in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area but was evasive in his replies. He had managed to secure a valid visa. However, after scouring through the contents of his laptop, a call was taken that it was too dangerous to allow him to enter India, and he was sent back to Perth,” a source told the Indian Express.

However, no information was available on when the youth was deported back to Australia. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is informed of the deportation. The News Corp reported that, the incident came after Australia disregarded any possibility of further military deployment in the Middle East despite calls from the United States.

Reportedly, this is the first time someone has been deported from India as it gears up its fight against terrorism. Australia has also been watchful of anyone who has been supporting the actions of the ISIS from Australia.

The Australian Federal Police has, however, declined to confirm whether this Australian youth was on their radar or he has been questioned on his return.

According to counter-terrorism expert Dr Anne Aly, it was not impossible for the Islamic State to reach Perth.

“There is no profile of who it can and can’t happen to,” the News Corp quoted Aly as saying. “The influence of IS is real. It is there and we need to be vigilant with our young people. The internet has no borders, whether you are in Perth or the Arab world. So as long as this propaganda is on the internet it will happen.”