Police have stopped and arrested a child suicide bomber before the ISIS planned explosion was executed. He was arrested in Kirkuk, Baghdad’s north in Iraq.
The officers not only arrested him but also prevented a well-planned attack from taking place. The whole event was captured on camera, which also showed the security officers searching and wrestling the boy before they deactivated the bomb.
According to reports, the 15-year-old boy is believed to have arrived at Kirkuk from Mosul around a week ago. To remind readers, Mosul is an area outside Syria where the ISIS groups experience a very strong hold. “He was captured before he reached his destination, which was a Shia mosque,” Kirkuk Governorate Governor Najmaldin Karim told a media outlet.
“The security guards noticed there was something wrong, especially that there was another suicide attack a bit earlier, and they captured him.”
The governor also added that the boy has been trained and radicalized by the extremists. The members of the group convince children to conduct such acts by telling them that they “will go to heaven” and would get everything they desire if they did it.
Kurdish news agency Raudaw revealed that the boy appeared quite scared when the officials arrested him. The ISIS has claimed the responsibility of the planned attack and admitted sending the child for the purpose.
The plans of the attack in Kirkuk has come following Sunday’s explosion in Gaziantep close to the Syrian border in Turkey, as reported by News.com.au. Even at that event, children aged 12 to 14 attacked the dancing guests on the street during a wedding ceremony. Around 51 people were killed in the attack while 94 were reportedly injured.
“Initial evidence suggests it was a Daesh attack,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
CNN reported that the ISIS was using many children to conduct the terror attacks. Researchers have figured out that around 1,500 child soldiers were being trained and brainwashed to undertake the attacks in the name of religion.