A recent report has revealed that Australia is the third equal Western nation that is likely to be attacked by the Islamic State in the near future.

US Homeland Security indicated that following the United States and France as the two major choices for attacks by the extremists, Australia grabbed the third position. The Terror Gone Viral report has also listed the UK as the fourth expected nation to face the extremists’ attack. The conclusion is reached after observing that there had been over 100 attack plots in the Western nations since 2014, making them countries with the highest chances of being attacked by the ISIS.

The report was released in July. It stated that the group was not mere a terror group but has now turned into a “crowd sourcing” global terrorism. Even the increased surveillance and stricter rules could not stop them from attacking nations and destroying lives and properties. “ISIS has now been linked to 100 plus attack plots against Western countries, an unprecedented wave of terror,” the report stated.

“Although law enforcement agencies have thwarted more plots overall than have been executed, this year has seen ISIS’ highest success rate to date.”

According to The Australian, the most recent ISIS attack was conducted in Germany. The militants targeted a music festival. They also attacked France while beheading at a church in St-Etienne-du-Rouvray. The survey found that Australia and Britain had comparatively more chances of being attacked following the US and France.

Gradually, ISIS attacks are becoming more frequent and deadlier with increasing fatalities, which seems to double in 2016. Around 875 people have been affected by the attacks this year, including injuries and deaths, while the figure was almost 750 in 2014-15.

News.co.au reported that 44 percent of attempted plots from the ISIS have been successful, which is more than that in 2015, with only 33 percent of success recorded on their part.