In January, 2016, Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull visited President, Barack Obama, on his first official tour to the USA since taking the role of PM in September last year. Among the regular topics, both the heads talked about their respective stands on ISIS. President Obama has praised Prime Minister Turnbull on his ability to combat the terrorist group.

Something about ISIS

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. According to many, this is a failed branch of Al-Queda. The extremists, despite referring Osama bin Laden as ‘Sheikh Osama’, an honourable title, lot of them actually scorn Al-Queda’s leaders and their priorities. ISIS believes in what Prophet Mohammed had taught in Islam, they must try to comply with in every possible way. They also believe that they are the successors to bring the End of The World.

Apart from the USA, in recent times, ISIS has successfully operated in Australia and France, among other western countries.

ISIS and Australia

In 2014, Australian Federal Police officer and a Victorian Police officer were knifed to death. According to Australia’s top IS enlister, former Melburnian, Neil Prakash, the act of the murderer was highly praiseworthy. Drawing the example, he called out to his ‘beloved brothers in Islam in Australia’ to ‘rise up and wake up’. As chilling and disgusting as it sounds, these kind of terrorists are moving on par with similar actions happening all over the world.

ISIS is not stopping on killing police officers only. In August 2015, the terrorist group released a ‘hit list‘ on their website that contains names of eight Australians. Among them was a Victorian MP who resides in Sydney, and other top government and public figures. There had been similar threats in Australia before.

In October 2015, a teenage boy killed a police employee point blank in Parramatta, right in front of the Police Headquarters. IS has confirmed its involvement in this action. This murdering of an innocent man sparked international outrage.

ISIS is effectively training and recruiting people in Australia. Its success is recorded in a report published by Sun-Herald newspaper in Sydney, that says around 312 people were banned from leaving the country in seven months till January. And very recently, a young man from Perth has been deported from India upon arrival. As per the news, following a tip-off, Indian officials checked him and considered him to be too dangerous to enter the country.

What steps to take against ISIS?

Australia has decided not to deploy further military forces in Iraq. US has pressed to encourage more military contributions in Iraq and Syria from Australia and 39 other countries. According to foreign minister, Julia Bishop, they are not sending additional military troops in Iraq. Australia is already the second largest contributor of troops in Iraq.

Fighting against ISIS is one of the biggest challenges Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing. It is only to see how victorious he gets in combating the terrorists.