Another incident has been added to ISIS Australia 2016 news, in which police have arrested two teenage boys for planning to attack an innocent man in Bankstown on Tuesday.

The arrest came hours after the suspects allegedly bought two bayonets at a gun shop. Police have linked the event with the extremist group and said that they have been radicalized. They arrested the boys in a lane behind a Bankstown mosque at noon.

It has allegedly been reported that the boys had handwritten notes that showed their allegiance to ISIS. The officers believed that one of them was the son of a convicted terrorist. Acting Police Commissioner Cath Burn said on Wednesday morning that the officers have discovered evidence that indicated the teenager boys’ connections with the ISIS.

The boys were charged with acts in preparation to commit a terrorist act and also with membership in a terrorist organization. The officers said the charges were very serious.

“The charge that relates to membership of an organisation, we will allude to their association or allegiance with Islamic State,” she said. “They’ve been charged with acts in preparation to commit a terrorist act and also membership of a terrorist organisation.”

“The events of yesterday are extremely sobering for all of us, particularly given the age of these individuals. With respect to these two, I think that they probably had some degrees of radicalization from potentially radicalized peers.”

The law enforcement department praised the Joint Counter-Terrorism team for conducting the operation against the ISIS Australia 2016 incident successfully. AFP Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan told media that the success of the mission would not have been possible if the team members had not been in the right place at the right time.

According to The Daily Mail, the police interrogated the duo on Tuesday night at Bankstown Police station and then transferred them to St. Marys’ Cobham Juvenile Justice Center.